Location hunting, research, fixing approvals, arranging lodging, handling all logistics, ENG crew (camera and sound), securing access to, interviews. Numerous successful projects handled for WOWOW, Fuji TV, TBS, TV-Asahi, SkyPerfecTV.

We can coordinate all activities for a successful general news or sports TV program, interview or documentary. We have worked with many local ENG crews throughout Europe and know which crew will work best for the program you wish to make. Also, we can provide you with all on-site services necessary for the successful registration and broadcast of live sports events. A translated daily news update relevant to your (sports) event can be delivered.

Our proven track record for these media and TV activities include professional ENG crews, location hunting for (stand-up) news reports, finding suitable hotel accommodations, arranging all logistics including rental cars and locally known drivers, translation services, crew coordinators with expert local knowledge, assistance for your technical crews, IBC and satellite crews.

Notable successful projects include the EURO 2004 tournament in Portugal and the EURO 2008 tournament in Austria and Switzerland for WOWOW as well as EURO 2012 in Poland Ukraine and the World Championships Under 20’s in 2005 for TV Asahi.