TV and other media rights

We have extensive experience in the purchase and sales of TV and internet broadcasting rights, both in Japan and in the rest of the world. An extensive network in Japanese broadcasting built over 20 years allows us direct contact to the key decision makers.

Years of expertise and an extensive network allow us fast and efficient contact, usually through a personal relationship, to the rights holders, broadcasters and online media.

Notable successful projects include the sales of Dutch Eredivisie TV broadcasting rights and VOD rights to Japan. We handled all rights issues for a wide range of sports DVD titles released in Japan – including numerous football DVD’s and other DVD’s like Athens Olympics, and Rugby World Cup.

Media Event and TV Coordination support

After acquisition of TV broadcasting rights numerous issues have to be solved or organized in the period leading up to the actual event and around the event itself. We have extensive expertise in the media coördination surrounding big international (sports) events. Successful coordination of these (research) projects will ensure the successful actual transmission and broadcast of the event.